the humanitarian adventure, catalog of the international museum of red cross and red crescent, published by infolio, gollion. 190 × 240 cm, 180 pages, isbn (english version) 978-2-88474-283-2, (french version) 978-2-88474-281-8, (german version) 978-2-88474-282-5.

les héros de la pensée. 26 hours, 26 words, 26 topics, 8 interlocutors, and wine! performance organized, transcribed and published by le can, neuchâtel. 165 × 240 mm, 612 pages, isbn 978-2-8399-1083-5.

branding of the online platform and gallery swissinfographics, in geneva, dedicated to exploring new visual representations of information. logotype, website. -

monograph of the artist silvia buonvicini, published by musée jenisch, vevey and periferia, luzern-poschiavo. 200 × 283 mm, 128 pages, isbn 978-3-907474-97-86.

in collaboration with gavillet & rust, geneva, design for the 54th venice biennale, illuminations, curated by Bice Curiger. Different medias: catalogues, guides, posters, banners, leaflets and signage. / Main catalogue: 180 × 260 mm, 600 pages, isbn (english version) 978-8-83170-820-3.

concept and graphic design for the textbook series from maison rouge, paris. 145 × 225 mm. / 01.11: ed ruscha, 240 pages / 08.09: le grand déchiffreur, 272 pages / 11.08: white cube, 208 pages.

voici un dessin suisse. catalogue for the eponymous exhibition held at musée rath, geneva, available in french, german and english. 240 × 300 mm, 256 pages, isbn (english version) 978-3-03764-100-2. awarded in the competition The most beautiful Swiss books 2010

phénoménologie de l'irrationel. bilingual monograph (french/german) of the artist martin widmer, published on the occasion of his here comes the sun exhibition, held at the can, neuchâtel. 170 × 240 mm, 144 pages, isbn 978-3-03764-077-7.

monograph of the artist xavier veilhan, published on the occasion of the veilhan versailles exhibition. 237 × 286 mm, 160 pages, isbn 978-3-03764-077-7.

rebranding of the online magazine, which came simultaneously with corporate identity of large network, a press agency. logotypes, sites, stationary, pictograms -

art direction, graphic design and implementation of website for graphic and type designer aurèle sack -

book series, 205 × 286 mm, 64 pages. / 01.09: justin lieberman - gedi sibony / 06.08: victor man - stefan brüggemann - pietro roccasalva.

art direction & graphic design of various media for version bêta held at le centre de l'image contemporaine - st-gervais, geneva. poster, program, invitation-cards, post-cards, stationary, tarpaulin.

catalogue for the faces and figures (revisited) exhibition, marc jancou contemporary, new-york. 240 × 300 mm, 128 pages.

advertising brochure promoting various telephony concepts. in collaboration with the photographer olivier pasqual.

catalogue for the nathalie obadia gallery for art basel 39. selected works from martin barré & jessica stockholder. 205 × 297 mm, 12 pages.

art direction, graphic design and implementation of website for le magasin, centre national d'art contemporain, grenoble. -

new layout for the university hospital center (chuv) magazine, lausanne.

illustrations commissioned by reflex magazine (epfl), for an article about the large hadron collider of the european organization for nuclear research (cern).

art direction, graphic design and implementation of website for nor architects. -

catalogue for the 12th biennial of moving images held at le centre de l'image contemporaine - st-gervais, geneva. 165 × 240 mm, 176 pages, isbn 978-3-905829-01-3.

concept and graphic design of educational brochures for the national campaign jeunesse et travail: jobs go global organized by the foundation for education and development (fed), bern. publication awarded by the council of youth and economy.

contemporary art magazine launched at the estuary, venice & liste fair biennials.
editors: anthony hubermann & patrice joly. 210 × 297 mm, 64 pages.

accélération: the speed of art. exhibition catalogue, published by kunstart with jrp-ringier, zurich. 165 × 230 mm, 160 pages, isbn 978-3-905770-64-3.

first monograph of the artist kader attia, published by jrp-ringier with le magasin,
centre national d'art contemporain
, grenoble and the musée d'art contemporain, lyon.
218 × 268 mm, 112 pages, isbn 978-2-940271-81-8.

art direction, graphic design and implementation of website for the photographer sully balmassière -

strategies of learning, catalogue for periferic 7 - biennial for contemporary art held
in iasi, romania. 204 × 258 mm, 94 pages

illustrated newspasper, 250 × 350 mm, 48 pages. awarded 2nd prize of the lucky strike junior designer award.

graphic design studio based in neuchâtel founded by noémie gygax and yann do
in 2005, after graduating in visual communication from écal, lausanne.

art directors and designers working mostly
for the cultural sector, making: books, magazines, posters, identities, stationery, signage, motion graphics and websites.
+41 32 7242583

place du port 2
case postale 2744
2001 neuchâtel